About Us

About Directional Road Boring Inc.

Founded in 1994, Directional Road Boring Inc. has specialized in boring horizontal pipes including steel, HDPE, and PVC from diameters ranging from 1-1/4" to 144" by wet boring, guided (on grade) auger boring, traditional auger boring, microtunneling, Arrow Bore, and directional boring methods throughout the Midwest, South, Southeast, and the Atlantic Seaboard. We have successfully completed boring projects for pipeline companies, refineries, city, state, gas, power, sewerage, and water and telecom contractors.

Located in Ponchatoula, Louisiana, Directional Road Boring Inc. is a HUB-Zone registered contractor.

Please take a moment to meet the owner of Directional Road Boring Inc.

David O'Leary - President

Prior to founding Directional Road Boring Inc., David served as President of Doro Inc. from 1987 to 1994. Upon leaving Doro Inc. David began Directional Road Boring Inc. in 1994 as sole owner and president. Directional Road Boring Inc. moved into the directional boring and microtunneling areas along with wet and dry boring. Directional Road Boring Inc. has enjoyed steady growth beginning with (1) rig working in Mississippi and Louisiana to (23) rigs serving the East Coast, Texas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas.


Prior to his 20 years in the boring industry, David was a commercial lender for (9) years with banks located in the New Orleans area.

Our Philosophy

Directional Road Boring Inc. has quickly earned a reputation as industry leaders in providing contract construction, technical, and management services to a wide variety of clients. The telecommunication industries that we support include independent telecos, major teleco firms, military organizations, cable television companies, long distance carriers, city and government utilities, and private, commercial, and industrial businesses.

Performance with Pride

Directional Road Boring Inc. can satisfy your needs more effectively because our performance is never at a standstill. Our response is directed, driven, and customized to meet the needs of our client. When an assignment is received, we are ready to react and respond in a competent manner. Planning, implementing, and servicing at all levels is an everyday function of our organization.


Our expert services include providing our client with contract construction and management professionals that have superior skills and knowledge of the utility industries. Each individual on our staff is recruited carefully based on experience, training, and background.

Your needs will be specifically reviewed and studied to ensure that we offer you the best possible crew for the job. Because of the expertise of our staff, we can provide our customers with a wide variety of options as to the methods of price quotation.

We can provide construction services in all trenchless pipe placement disciplines as well as personnel qualified in project management and construction management.

If there is a need for construction services, management, or craft personnel, long or short term, we would welcome the opportunity to work with you.

We would invite you to speak with on of our service professionals about service for your company, please see our Contact Us page for more information.