Directional Road Boring Inc.



Directional Road Boring Inc. offers guided bore microtunneling services. Microtunneling is an extremely precise means of trenchless pipe installation used to install a wide range of pipe sizes. Man-less excavation is controlled remotely from a relatively small insertion pit.

Pipe Jacking/Tunneling

Pipe jacking or conventional tunneling is a technique used to install underground pipelines, ducts, and culverts. Typical installations are in the medium to large range of conduit sizes. Excavation is performed within a shield by hand or by mechanical means.

Auger Boring

Directional Road Boring Inc. offers both dry auger boring and wet slurry boring services. Auger boring uses a cutting head to excavate and auger to remove the spoil back in the insertion pit.

Pipe Bursting

Pipe bursting is a trenchless pipe replacement and rehabilitation method. Directional Road Boring Inc. is qualified to work with the Tenbusch Insertion Method (TIM™). The Tenbusch Insertion Method is the only trenchless method that pushes the new pipeline into place. The TIM™ System installs rigid pipe including: clay, ductile iron, steel and stainless steel, and polymer concrete pipe.


Slip-lining is a pipe rehabilitation method where a smaller diameter pipe is inserted into the existing pipeline. Slip-lining requires that the new pipe be jacked or carried into place. Typical installations are in the medium to large diameter pipe sizes.

Directional Drilling

Directional drilling, horizontal directional drilling, and directional boring are guided boring operations. Directional Road Boring Inc. is fully equipped and experienced in directional drilling applications ranging from the smallest to the largest pipe diameters.

Culvert Cleaning

Directional Road Boring Inc. offers trenchless culvert cleaning and restoration services.

Underground Plant Construction

Directional Road Boring Inc. has a management staff with over 20 years experience in underground plant construction. We have completed many new build and upgrade projects. Our clients have been a variety of cable and telephone providers. We are a turn key operation, installing conduit, pulling the product through, and placing the pedestals.